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Round to the Nearest Value

March 4, 2010Danwize No Comments »

As I was developing a game I needed something to round an integer to the nearest 5. The following function allows you to round a given integer n to the nearest integer f. It’s a very simple Actionscript function, but I it might come in handy.

public function round(n:int, f:int):int

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Deep Linking

November 11, 2009Danwize No Comments »

I just happened across this cool feature in Flex while looking for solutions to other problems. It’s called deep linking. It allows you to return to a specific state of a Flex application by including information in the url. Go here to read more about it:

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Get Rid of Yellow Focus Rect

November 10, 2009Danwize 6 Comments »

Are you tired of seeing the yellow focus rectangle in your Flex applications? It’s really easy to get rid of it. All you have to do is this: stage.setFocusRect = false; It’s really that easy. See more info about this property here:

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AS3 Binary Search

October 13, 2009Danwize 4 Comments »

Here is a simple recursive binary search function written in AS3.  This is a quick and efficient way to search an array.  In the worst case, binary search will take log2(n) steps to finish the search where n is the length of the array.  Of course this algorithm only works if the array has been sorted.  It [...]

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