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December 30, 2009Danwize 3 Comments »

PROBLEM: Some text won’t show up in Flash-player on Mac OSX.

I was just on a tech support call with a customer who was using the Visual Link Spanish Personal Proficiency Trainer (PPT), a Flash-player based language learning program. She recently upgraded her Mac to Snow Leopard. Wherever text was supposed to appear in the PPT, there was nothing. When she went to Adobe’s about flash player site the version information text didn’t show up either.

SOLUTION: Remove duplicate fonts from Users/Library/Fonts.

After trying all the usual solutions like reinstalling Flash-player, restarting the browser and restarting the computer nothing worked. Still no text appeared, so I turned to Google. I was not the first to have this problem. In an apple forum I found a discussion about a similar problem with various Flash-player applications. To solve the problem, all you have to do is delete the fonts from Users/Library/Fonts that are duplicated in HD/Library/Fonts. Problem Solved!

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  • Brandon G Says:

    Thanks, I was having this problem for some time and finally decided I needed to get it solved. I noticed that text on nfl.com and Google Street View were not working and then Youtube video would go crazy. Following your suggestion fixed my problem!

  • Danwize Says:

    I’m glad that worked for you! I didn’t know that problem affected Youtube videos too.

  • Amber Says:

    thanks for this – been trying to sort out for ages – apple tech were no help and wanted us to send mac in – but knew it had to be a settings thing – thanks again

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